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Bernadette Eichner seems to just laugh in the face of a challenge! She’s positively solved her fair share of issues throughout her successful careers in recruitment, human resources, fundraising, hospitality sales, real estate, and as a start-up investor. She’s flourished through a divorce and  single parenting, all while owning and running two businesses and furthering her University studies simultaneously. How?  She understands a problem is simply an opportunity!

Bernadette’s skills, years of experience, formal acting studies and a First-Class Honors degree in Psychology have enabled her to become a sought after public speaker and facilitator. Harnessing her knowledge, Bernadette consults to numerous organisations, has developed several professional workshops focusing on sales, performance management and team excellence and shares her experiences and strategies with companies across Australia and New Zealand.

With a passion for empowering women over fifty (she’s one of them), Bernadette’s personal mission is to make every woman feel confident, independent and secure, regardless of their relationship status or work situation. Bernadette’s valuable professional and personal experiences have inspired her to create a series of workshops to share her knowledge with women going through their own challenges. The sessions demonstrate there are no barriers stopping women leading a fulfilling and energetic life - at any age.

In her spare time, Bernadette’s writing her first book; indulges in Shakespeare when she can, and loves to travel exploring the amazing world we live in. You won’t find this lady at home knitting booties! 



be. empowering 

When you feel empowered, you’re in control and filled with confidence. Ageing should be a time a woman feels self-assured and secure, yet some women after 50 question their abilities and begin to withdraw. Reframing our thinking about ageing allows us to take charge in work and life.

be. energetic 

Energetic people are active in every aspect of their lives both physically and mentally. Being energetic is about setting goals, devising smart strategies to achieve the end result, and encouraging teams to get on board to help you attain what sometimes seems unachievable. Activity breeds success!

be. independent

Independent people know they can rely on themselves when the chips are down. This comes from being secure and confident in their abilities. When you’re in control of your life and choices, you’re independent.  Bernadette’s sessions help to shift the perceptions and empower women to move from co-dependent to independent.


be. tenacious

Tenacity comes with believing in your abilities and sticking to it no matter what! Many people give up just before the finish line because they lose faith (or start listening to the negative voices of others) and can’t see beyond the barriers they’re faced with. Discover life beyond the psychological ‘wall of defeat’!

be. brilliant

Self-love is the first step to being brilliant. When you’re confident and like the person you are, your presence transcends. Self-love is not about ego. It’s about knowing and understanding your beliefs, values and limitations; , how you can trust in them and inspire others with them. Can you learn to love yourself? Absolutely. 

be. yourself

Nobody can do ‘You’ quite like you! Being your authentic self-makes your encounters truly genuine, allowing you to build trust and key relationships easier. Being true to yourself means you’ll remain aligned to your values and beliefs, establish your own identity, set boundaries and find focus and direction.