What type of boss are you: Miranda Priestly, Don Draper or Albus Dumbledore?

Miranda Priestly.jpg

So many Bosses lay the blame for staff turnover at the feet of the people who are leaving.  

“She couldn’t fit in”.  “The new generation just don’t understand how business works”.  “She thought she knew everything and had nothing to learn”.  “He was always on the phone to his girlfriend”. I’ve heard it all before.  

I’ve also heard the side!  “I didn’t get any guidance on what I was supposed to be doing and then got in trouble for not doing it”.  “He just yelled at people all the time”.  “She doesn’t care about anyone but herself”.  “He just hates young people”.  

Ever think it might be you they’re leaving?

Dissatisfaction with a manager’s leadership style (or lack thereof) is the number one motivator for someone switching jobs.

So how do you tell if you’re an effective leader? Are you firm and assertive? Or do you take a more laid-back approach?  

Have you ever wondered how your leadership style stacks up against some of the most famous fictional bosses of all time? In this flowchart from GetVoIP, you can answer questions based on your own tendencies and discover which fictional leader’s style most closely matches your own!

Follow the flowchart below to find out if you’re more of a Ron Swanson, Michael Scott, Selina Meyer or Miranda Priestly!